Isaac’s Wheels – More on this case

This page provides additional resources for viewers interested in further exploration.

Full Length Video

Here is the video of the episode in full. (The clip is minimally edited to remove a moment of classroom management.)

See PDF transcript for full length video.

See PDF of Isaac’s Notebook.

Responsive Teaching

For more about Responsive Teaching in Science, see the following links to the project site:

Description of Responsive Teaching

Sharon’s class trajectory (with much more video, from all 16 days)


Sharon wrote about her work in this course as part of a book she wrote with Rusty Bresser:

Bresser, R., & Fargason, S. Becoming scientists : inquiry-based teaching in diverse classrooms, grades 3-5.

Jennifer Radoff’s dissertation also focused on Sharon’s class: 

Radoff, J. (2017). Dynamics Contributing to the Emergence and Stability of Students’ Scientific Engagement Over Multiple Timescales.

And we have several research papers that discuss the class:

Hammer, D., Goldberg, F., & Fargason, S. (2012). Responsive teaching and the beginnings of energy in a third grade classroom. Review of Science, Mathematics and ICT Education, 6(1), 51-72.

Radoff, J., Goldberg, F., Hammer, D., & Fargason, S. (2010). The Beginnings of Energy in Third Graders’ Reasoning. In C. Singh, M. Sabella & S. Rebello (Eds.), 2010 Physics Education Research Conference (Vol. 1289, pp. 269-272).

Radoff, J., & Hammer, D. (2016). Attention to student framing in responsive teaching. In A. D. Robertson, R. E. Scherr & D. Hammer (Eds.), Responsive Teaching in Science and Mathematics. (pp.189-202). New York: Routledge.

Finally Isaac’s Wheels was the focus of an essay and talk:

Hammer, D. & Radoff, J. (2014). Children doing science: Essential idiosyncrasy and the challenges of assessment. Commissioned paper for Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning: A Consensus Study, NRC Board on Science Education.  Link to paper; Link to talk

Grant Reference

Goldberg, F. M., Hammer, D. M., Bendall, S., & Coffey, J. (2008-2011). Learning Progression for Scientific Inquiry: A Model Implementation in the Context of Energy. San Diego State University and University of Maryland: National Science Foundation (DRL 0732233).